Academic CV

The Basics

Academic Employment

  • Centre College (Danville, KY). Associate Professor of Environmental Studies. 2018-present.
    • Assistant Professor 2013-2018.
    • Chair of Environmental Studies (2014-present). Program Member: Politics, Philosophy.
  • University of Illinois-Springfield. Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies. 2012-2013.
  • South Dakota State University. Post-doctoral Research Associate in Landscape Ecology. 2011-2012.
  • Centre College. Mellon Fellow in Environmental Studies. 2009-2011.
  • St. Olaf College. Visiting Instructor in History and Environmental Studies. 2007-2009.
  • University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Graduate Instructor in Rhetoric and Environmental Studies. 2004-2009.

Consulting and Part-time Employment

  • Ecology Research Consultant (Wetland Ecology, Ecological Modeling, Floodplain Forest Ecology, Landscape Ecology). 2005-present.
  • Muddy Pumpkin Farms (Oacoma, SD). Farmer, Gardener, Storyteller, Communications. 2010-present. 


  • PhD. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Rhetoric & Scientific Communication. Focus: Environmental Rhetoric, Science and Ethics, American Pragmatism. Defense: 2009. Degree: 2010. 
  • MA. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Rhetoric & Scientific Communication. Focus: Rhetoric of Environmental Policy and Politics. Defense: 2005. Degree: 2006.
  • BA. St. Olaf College. Mathematics. Models of the Environment (self-designed, integrative major). 2003.


Centre College (2009-2011, 2012, 2013-present)

  • Introduction to Environmental Studies (Fall and Spring every year)
  • Senior Seminar in Environmental Studies (Fall 2013-2018)
  • Rivers and Adaptive Ecosystem Management (Springs 2014, 2015, 2017; Fall 2019)
  • Environmental Education & Conservation in Thailand & Singapore (January 2019)
  • Environmental Policy (Spring 2014; Spring 2016; Fall 2017; Fall 2019)
  • Asia & the Environment Interdisciplinary Lab (Spring 2015, Fall 2016, Fall 2018)
  • Thailand, Aquaculture, and the Environment (January 2017)
  • Environmental Ethics (One section/year 2014-present)
  • Human Dimensions of Climate Change (Spring 2016; January 2018)
  • Public Policy (When time allows: last time Spring 2015)
  • Food and Campus Sustainability (January 2010, 2012, 2014)

Publications and Research

  • Werner, B., J. Tracy, W.C. Johnson, R. Voldseth, G. Guntenspergen, B. Millett. 2016. Modeling the effects of tile drain placement on the hydrologic function of farmed prairie wetlands. Journal of the American Water Resources Association.
  • Johnson, W.C., B. Werner, G. Guntenspergen. Non-linear responses of Prairie Pothole wetlands to climate warming. Climatic Change. January 2016. 134 (1): 209-223.
  • Rashford, B.S., R.M. Adams, J. Wu, R.A. Voldseth, G. Guntenspergen, B.A. Werner, W.C. Johnson. 2015. Impacts of Climate Change on Land-Use and Wetland Productivity in the Prairie Pothole Region of North America. Regional Environmental Change. January 2015.
  • Hagy, H.M., S.C. Yaich, J.W. Simpson, E. Carrera, D.A. Haukos, W.C. Johnson, C.R. Loesch, F.A. Reid, S.E. Stephens, R.W. Tiner, B. Werner, G.S. Yarris. 2014. Wetland issues affecting waterfowl conservation in North America. Wildfowl. Special Issue 4: 343-367. December 2014.
  • Zilverberg, C.J., W.C. Johnson, A. Boe, V. Owens, D. Archer, C. Novotny, M. Volke, B. Werner. 2014. Growing Spartina pectinata in previously farmed prairie wetlands for economic and ecological benefits. Wetlands. June 2014.
  • Zilverberg, C.J., W.C. Johnson, V. Owens, A. Boe, T. Schumacher, K. Reitsma, C.O. Hong, C. Novotny, M. Volke, B. Werner. 2014. Biomass yield from planted mixtures and monocultures of native prairie vegetation across a heterogeneous farm landscape. Agriculture, Ecosystems, and the Environment. March 2014.
  • Werner, B., W.C. Johnson, G.R. Guntenspergen. 2013. Evidence for 20th century climate warming and wetland drying in the North American Prairie Pothole Region. Ecology and Evolution. September 2013.
  • Johnson, W. Carter, R. Adams, P. Fay, G. Guntenspergen, B. Millett, J. Olker, B. Rashford, M. Tulbure, R. Voldseth, Werner. 2012. Non-linear response of prairie pothole landscapes to climate change and land management. Final Report to the Environmental Protection Agency STAR Grant Program, Washington, DC. 7 pp.
  • Johnson, W.C., M. Dixon, M. Scott, L. Rabbe, G. Larson, M. Volke, B. Werner. 2012. Forty Years of Riparian Vegetation Change on the Missouri River Floodplain. BioScience. February 2012.
  • Johnson, W.C., B. Werner, G. Guntenspergen, R. Voldseth, B. Millett, D. Naugle, M. Tulbure, R. Carroll, J. Tracy. 2010. Prairie Wetland Complexes as Landscape Functional Units in a Changing Climate. BioScience. February 2010.
  • Werner, B. Review of: The World In Which We Occur by Neil Browne. Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment (ISLE), Summer 2008.


Other teaching experience

University of Illinois, Springfield (2012-2013)

  • Introduction to Sustainability (Fall 2012)
  • Sustainable Food Systems (Fall 2012): Online graduate course
  • American Environmental History (Spring 2013)
  • Literature and the Environment (Spring 2013)
  • Knowledge and Epistemology: How do you know? (Spring 2013): Honors seminar, team-taught with David Bertaina

South Dakota State University (2012)

  • Assisted Carter Johnson with Landscape Ecology (developed and taught lab section), graduate course in  Natural Resource Management

St. Olaf College (2007-2009)

  • History Seminar: Environmental Justice (Upper-Level)
  • History Seminar: Environmental Discourse (First Year)
  • Environmental Studies Seminar: Saving Wild Places (Upper-Level)
  • First Year Writing: The Future (Climate Change, Peak Oil, Human Augmentation)
  • American Environmental History

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (2004-2009)

  • In Search of Nature
  • Issues in Science and Technology Studies
  • (Teaching Assistant for) Issues in the Environment